Swim with Shark Adventures

Swim with Blue & Mako Sharks

Get wet in plett with a free diving (snorkeling) marines safaris out on the open ocean. The main focus on these excursions is to find Blue and Mako sharks, believed to be the most beautiful of all sharks species, and spend some time among these majestic animals. Blue sharks is a light-bodied shark averaging at 2-3m in length, mostly lethargic and found worldwide in the surface layers of deep temperate waters. Mako sharks are more robust and slightly bigger, averaging at 3.5m in length. they are the fastest swimming shark species. Sighting are not limited to these species, other possibles sighting include bronze whalers, sunfish "the mola mola", bait balls of sardines, common dolphins and an array of pelagic birds including albatross,skuas and petrels

Duration: 3-4 hours

All equipment required supplied
Light lunch and refreshment included
Swimming.snorkeling experience recommended
Must be 14 years of age.
All year round, weather and number dependant


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